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This remedy will help ease fear and apprehension whose cause is unknown; trembling, shaking, panting, snorting, sweating, urination, fearful look in the eyes, ears, and tail down are just a few indications of such anxieties and nervousness that can be treated with Aspen. For dogs who bark for no apparent reason or at no one; other signs include whimpering, shiver, cower, scurry back and forth, look scared, hiding. Aspen is always helpful in treating dogs that become panicky when their owners are packing or preparing to go out. A horse that may be in need of Aspen will show to be high strung, shy, and will refuse to move forward or pass objects. They may pull away, rear up and refuse to be loaded in stalls and trailers. Cats who show signs of needing Aspen tend to over-groom and refuse to be handled.

Aspen is a good Bach Flower Remedy to give to animals who are experiencing changes in their environment and at times may become scared and confused from such changes. Aspen is also appropriate for anxious, nervous owners and handlers who may unintentionally communicate their fears to their animals.

Positive Outcome:


Human Indication:  For people who are seized by sudden fear or worries for no specific reason, and who may, therefore, be generally nervous and anxious. A typical need for Aspen is for waking in fear from a bad dream, even if the dream itself is forgotten. Aspen is helpful for young children experiencing nightmares and night terrors. The positive potential of Aspen is a state of inner peace, security, and fearlessness. Apprehension is replaced by a desire for adventure and new experiences, disregarding difficulties and dangers. “Once we come to that realization, we are beyond pain and suffering, beyond are or worry or fear, beyond everything except the joy of life, the joy of death, and the joy of our immortality…we can walk that path through any danger, through any difficulty, unafraid.” -Dr. Edward Bach

“…I feel anxious without knowing why”

“…I have a secret fear that something bad will happen”

“…I wake up feeling anxious”